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Grilled Reuben(ish) Sandwich

I love cooking and eating outside…  OKAY, okay… and drinking.  It feels like an adventure or mini vacation, whether we take the  portable Weber with us or pack a picnic.  Just being somewhere new with a different view is fantastic.  It’s stimulating for the mind and good for the soul (for both man and dog).  […]

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Grilled Sea Bass With Fresh Herbs & Wrapped In Bacon

I am fortunate to have a lot of friends who love to cook and create.  What’s interesting is that most of them are dudes and they all do the majority of the cooking for their wives and families.  They also each have their own specialties or at least what I would call their signature dishes. […]

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Grilled Sea Scallops on Forest Mushroom Risotto

Grilled Sea Scallops on Forest Mushroom Risotto is classic combo. Kind of like Wieners and Kraft Dinner, only more gourmet, savoury, delicious, tastier, better for you, more …  Okay it’s nothing like KD & Wiens except that it’s a combo. Scallops are easy and quick to cook.  I just toss them in a little olive oil […]

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