Send Your Dog Pix


Hard to believe Makena was 9 lbs when we got her.  Now she’s 90-plus.

Makena went through an awkward ear phase where they stood straight up and looked like a furry satellite dish.

Teddy braving the waters of Boundary Bay.  Not bad for a dog whose legs are 4 inches long.

Carl starts digging the moat for his sandcastle while vacationing in Boundary Bay.

Jessie visiting Boundary Bay.  She comes for the sand… mostly to eat it.  Quite cleansing… I guess?

Diesel, Jessie’s brother from a different mother (and father).  Playground Supervisor and all-around alpha male.

Makena and Fynn in Victoria B.C.   Clearly the little fella wants to be chased.

And they’re off…

If you want to submit your own Puppy Pix please email them to  Include your name, the name of your furry friend, where you’re from and a short one-line caption.  To save me from having to crop and size your photos please send the with a maximum width of 630.  I’ll try to post as many as I can.  The better the photo the better the chance we’ll see it on  Food, Wine & Dogs.

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