Places To Buy Dog Stuff

We spend a lot of dough on dog stuff: food, toys, grooming supplies. It’s in my nature to over-research the things I buy, so I thought I’d share my faves and maybe save you some time.

Food is an interesting topic with our dog. Because of allergies and her medical challenges, we’ve been all over the map.  If you’re looking for a wide variety of specialty and great quality foods you can’t beat Tisol.  Their staff are knowledgeable and very friendly.  They’ve also got a good return policy: if the food you’ve bought doesn’t agree with your pooch, you can return it.  It almost goes without saying – when trying a new food, no matter how good the recommendation or who recommended it, always start with a small bag.  Also, integrate the new food over a few days. We experimented with a few foods from Tisol but ended up needing a veterinary blend from Iams.  It can be a tricky thing finding the right food.  I’ve heard from many dog owners that they’ve tried 4 or 5 different brands/types before finding the right food for their dog.

When we found the right food, a lot of Makena’s health problems vanished.  No more runny eyes, skin rash or pudding poo.  Our girl eats a dry food so we also supplement her diet with vegetables. We buy frozen beans and thaw them in the fridge. We toss in a half-cup with each feeding.  Because she’s a large dog, we feed her twice a day.  It’s supposed to help avoid bloat, which is more common with large and giant breeds.

Back to the shopping:   The best deals I’ve found are on-line and my favorite website is Pet Supply House. It bills itself as a store/warehouse for professional groomers, but they have everything and you can save as much as 50 percent off local store prices.  I bought gallon jugs of shampoo, combs, rakes, scissors, trimmers, nail clippers, all types of stuffed toys as well as Kongs, treats collars, leashes… You get the idea. Check it out.  I always end up buying a bunch of stuff to spread out the shipping costs, which are very reasonable.  Makena is a non-shedding dog so the trade-off is she does require a little more maintenance.  You can really save some dough if you do a little grooming yourself.  This site has everything you need to get started.  The Andis cordless trimmer in the photo above is great for trimming paws and pads.  We have hardwood floors and keeping our dog’s feet trimmed really helps with her traction around the house.  $44.50 @ Pet Supply House and $99.99 suggested retail on the Canadian Andis website.

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3 Comments on “Places To Buy Dog Stuff”

  1. April 16, 2008 at 3:02 am #

    Hi Gerald. We buy Rufus raw bones and we feed him a brand by INNOVA, called Evo. It is red meat dog food, found at Global Pet Foods. Contains Beef, Buffalo, Venison, Potatoes, Eggs, Apples, Garlic and Tomatoes. It has no grain whatsoever and Rufus loves it.

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